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LAClipp are about to move someone, maybe to us? Wilcox and Ely are both drafted. With Brand, Kandi, Odom, Miles....

Will we swap Jay or Jamal and Fizer for a Wilcox/Ely combo?


Makes more sense that LAClipp are on the other end of a Cleveland trade. Maybe Kandiman and Ely for Dre Miller?

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if Clips and Cavs do trade...

which sounds pretty likely

Cavs have to give up Miller... but they might get Keyon Dooling along with Wilcox

i really see the Clips wanting to hang on to Ely. Wilcox seems like a pure 4 to me, while Ely a combo 4/5

Ely makes the perfect backup to Brand and Olawakandi

meanwhile, Cavs retool with Wagner/Dooling at point, Wilcox -- who should pan out to be the player they were expecting to get when they traded for Shawn Kemp -- and re-sign Ricky Davis
that could pan out to be a decent team
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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