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My little sister is in the 6th grade and wants to try out for the bball squad next year. She has never played basketball before but is very quick and has an okay shot...BUT her ball-handling isn't all that hot. She is a very fast runner but she cannot run and dribble. She looses control of the ball or when she does get it she is looking down at the ball. I have tried to show her how to do it, but it isn't working...are there any drills or tips that you all have to help her? :confused:


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The site above has some basketball videos that will show you drills.

as for ballhandling,
Practice dribbling with your left and right hand. Dont look at the ball. Dribble low. The lower you dribble, you more control youll have over it. Get down low in a crouch and dribble for 1 minute for each hand in a stationary position. Then walk dribbling and switching with the right and left hands, then jog, then run doing the same. Then walk in different directions doing the same. Keep repeating this and NEVER look at the ball! Keep your eyes up on the court action. Then in a stationary position, dribble from left hand to right hand to left hand and repeat. get low and look forward. Never at the ball. This is a basic crossover action, and you have to get used to it. Keep doing it then between your legs until your arms get very tired.

When a defender is pressuring you, keep your back to the defender and dribble using your body to keep him from the ball. Look at the way shaq dribbles in the low post. Its basically the same when you start out at the top of the key for anyone. Back to the defender, then make a move. Always keep your eyes on your defender and the other players on the court.

Basketball fundamentals:
Practice driving to the basket going right. Start at the foul line. Bounce the ball with your right hand, and take a left step at the same time, then run to the basket placing down your right foot, then lift off on your left foot and release with your right hand. If you cant do that, just do the last 1/2 of the motion finishing with the layup.
Practice driving to the basket going left. Start at the foul line Bounce the ball with your left hand, and take a right step at the same time, then run to the basket placing down your left foot, then lift off on your right foot and release with your left hand. If you cant do that, just do the last 1/2 of the motion finishing with the layup.
then do the same from the baseline.
The Mikan drill is pretty easy. Stay under the basket and jump making a layup with your right hand. When it comes down, grab it and jump making an immediate left layup with your left hand, and repeat. Never let the ball touch the ground and do it till youre tired. Go as fast as you can.
Practice shooting 15 feet from the basket. Take 100-250+ shots per day. Use good form.
Practice defensive footwork. When you move left and right laterally, never let your feet touch together. stay low and keep your hands out for a possible steal or deflection.
Dont worry about vertical jump programs or the weight room. Just work on the fundamentals.
When guarding your opponent, always stay in front of him. Keep your body at his center mass, and stay on your toes.
Dont worry about fancy crossovers right now.
Stick with the basic triple threat.
As you face your defender, stoop down with the ball and bring it to your side. Its called the triple threat because you can do 3 things. Pass, shoot or drive. You can fake a shot, then drive or pass, or fake a pass, then shoot or drive, fake a drive by making a stutter step while dribbling to make the opponent back off a little so you have room for a shot.
Get into shape. Run on the treadmill or run some laps on a track. Jump rope is good too.
Stand on the 3 point line. Take shots from the baseline, the wing, and the top of the key.
Do the same from 15 feet out.
10 shots from each spot and keep repeating.
When on the 3 point line, you can pump fake a shot, then drive in taking one bounch then take a shot from 16 feet out. Keep it simple with the moves.
Or, step out with your right foot, then drive in left and same for the other side.
Practice making layups. Do 50 on the right and left.

My personal drills:

Take the ball up and down the court using your right and left hand finishing with a jump shot or a layup.
A couple of my favorite drills are bringing it down court to the lane and finishing with a jump stop shot, or bringing it down and popping it from every spot (baseline 3, wing 3, top of the key 3, and all other spots from 16 -17 feet out. Get a rebounder to get the ball for you so you can run back to half court or a little beyond that, have him pass it to you and repeat. Get creative and develop drills. 2 more I like are having a rebounder pass it to you while you shoot quickly moving from elbow to elbow(foul line area) to get +20 shots in. Everytime you miss, thats -1. When you get to 20 or -5, its your partners turn to shoot. Another drill I like is making 10 from the left wing, top of the key and right wing. everytime you make a field goal attempt, you have to run back to center court, then run to each spot while you partner gets the rebound and passes it to you when you get to the spot to shoot. Your partner keeps count for you and lets you know when you hit 10 from each spot.
A fun drill is the 30 point drill. You do all five spots from the arc. Start at the baseline and drive in for a layup. Go back and pump fake, then bring it in and do a 15 footer. Then go back and make a 3, having your partner get all the boards for you. (you can do it all in reverse)A perfect score is 30. See how close to 30 you can get.
Probably the best self drill out there is the jordan drill. You play a game against an imaginary defender. You have to do crossovers and all sorts of moves pretending a jordanlike defender is on you. You cant just do easy layups because obviously jordan wouldnt allow that. Everytime you hit, thats 1 point. Every time you miss, jordan gets 2 points. Game is 12.
Theres also running into the shot: start at halfcourt, and run to all outside and inside shots. The rebounder passes you the ball and take the shot, then repeat.
One of my favorites is going coast to coast full court. Do 6 to 10 court lengths going up and down finishing with a layup, 16 footer or 3 pointer. As you take it up and down, do zig zags throwing in in/out crossovers, stop n' go, wrap arounds, between the leg crossovers (slow down on these then explode. Also try going at max speed while crossing over), and all other handle variations. After your 6-10 court lengths, take 10 freethrows as you rest, then repeat as many times as you can.
Work on your leg positioning when you do run in pull up jumpers. Plant the proper leg when taking the outside jumper when youre comming in from halfcourt. And work on it good. Dont just resort to jump stops.
For conditioning, best thing is laps or treadmill. A good baller should be able to run 8+ miles on the treadmill going at around 9 mph or better with as few stops as possible. Start slow, then work your way up.

Do sprints as well. Touch the paint then run to the other side of the court (not full length, just the half court) and repeat. Try to do as many as you can.
If youre asthmatic or have problems breathing, dont do this drill. You can die of hyperventilation if youre not in shape.

basically, just tape an nba game, then watch the way players execute the fundamental moves, then do that same move 100 times in a gym till you perfect it. Whether its a drive, shot, defensive move, etc. Play the tape over an over again till you get that exact motion in your head, then picture yourself doing it and do it at a gym.

start playing 3 on 3's in a half court, then move up to 5 on 5's going fullcourt. You have to get used to playing with 9 other players on a court.

But 1 on 1 is the best way to develop your personal offensive and defensive skills! especially for a beginner.
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