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Chris Sheridan of ESPN just wrote an article about FAs in the upcoming summer. This is from his list:

Al Harrington (if you consider him big man)
Narz Mohammed
Joel Przybilla
Nene (restricted)
Drew Gooden (r)
Chris Wilcox (r)
Alonzo Mourning
Lorenzen Wright
DJ Mbenga
Keith Van Horn
Francisco Elson (r)
Melvin Ely (r)
Mario Kasun (r)
Boniface Ndong (r)
Shavlik Randolph (r)
Lonny Baxter
Michael Bradley
Kelvin Cato
Jarron Collins
Alan Henderson
Ervin Johnson
Sean Marks
Michael Olowokandi
Greg Ostertag
Bo Outlaw
Scott Pollard
Jamal Sampson
Jake Voskuhl
Aaron Williams
Loren Woods
Marc Jackson (PO)
Mikki Moore (PO)
Darius Songaila (PO)
Mo Taylor (PO)
Eric Williams (PO)



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If we're making a play for anyone, I'd say you'd have to go for a guy w/ offensive skills (and not over the hill, a la C-Webb).

I've never been impressed with Al Harrington--puts up good numbers, but I've never seen him as clutch. I might be wrong, but I wouldn't chase that guy.

Nazr Mohammed and Joel Przybilla are great defensive guys...but unless we're getting rid of Foyle or (God forbid) Biedrins, why add more there? Foyle will continue to be the albatross around the Warriors neck, and with Biedrins still developing, I don't know why we'd chase a defensive minded center.

Nene's got health issues I wouldn't want to touch.

Drew Gooden would be an interesting addition. A big guy with offensive skills, more stuff in the post than...oh...say Murphy. Bring that guy home to the Bay and he'll surely play better--or at least more consistantly--than he has in Cleveland.

You know, the more you think about it, any free agent that's out there, we have a player of similar (potential) talent or skill-set. We are a young team. I don't know if the W's ought to chase any particular FA unless they're looking to get involved in a sign-and-trade w/ another team.
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