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I havent seen any of thse guys play so i dont know anything about them..
but it is nice to see european pgs come over( tony parker).. cuz i was getting tired of these soft 6'10 shooters..
anyways who is the best pg in the group
Raul Lopez..
Juan carols Navarro
Markic ( the guy the clipps signed)
or jiri welsch
i know welsch and markic are both 6'7 so that puts them at the top of my list.. but what do yall know about them

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1.Marko Jaric- Most experienced of the bunch. He's got a nice court vision, he's a good rebounder and is tough on D. He will struggle with his outside shot (like any Euro rookie that comes overseas). Moreover, he will see a lot of PT if the Clips don't trade for a PG.

2.Jiri Welsch. Best defender of the bunch. He's quite similar to Jaric, a bit quicker but not as strong, it won't surprise me if he ends up leading the rookies in steals thanks to his quickness and long arms.

3.Raul Lopez. Probably the most unselfish of the bunch. He can really create but he will have problems on D as he is quite short (6-0 I think) and is not lightning quick. His shot is suspect as well.

4.Juan Carlos Navarro. The best scorer of the bunch. He shot the lights out in Europe so he might be able to make a team as a SG but I don't see him playing the point. His D is non exsitent and he's simply not a great passer.
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