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Dee-Zy said:
That's probably what he is trying to achieve.

He's all about stats.
Yeah, he should probably focus more on giving the ball to guys like Pape and Eric Williams. Those two could always use some more shots.

But wow, two 20+ PPG players on this team? Coming into this season, I wasn't sure if we'd even have one.

Mike James has been fantastic this year. We totally ripped off the Rockets with that trade. With Bosh out for the rest of the season, I think James will indeed average 20 PPG for the season, which is unbelievable if you look at how much he's improved since last year.

I'm also going to admit that some of the most entertaining moments this season has been when Mike James on fire, hitting every shot he takes. Games such as where he brought us back against the Spurs to force OT, or when he completely dominated Marbury and the rest of the Knicks backcourt. He's a true competitor, he's relentless, and it's great to watch.

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20 PPG on efficient shooting.

How many other 20PPG guards out there shooting 47% from the floor. If it was all about stats, his FG% would be lower as he would be taking even lower % shots.

6 assists a game - not great not bad.

The fact is Toronto has had a good offence this year - James deserve alot of credit for that IMO.

We are pinning our problems on James, but the fact is that our defence sucks. And I don't think James is the issue on defence.

4 yrs, 25M - I would do it.

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mike's been a fantastic addition, imo. his demeanour and attitude just add to our already diverse crowd of positive players. we don't have 'too much' of any one of them. we got a piece of every pie. i think the team- at least at the moment- is thriving off of that diversity. i mean, how many lottery-bound teams are playing with the sort of commitment and energy that we are? sure, we're losing virtually every game, but i think that even speaks more to the same point. how have we retained this focus, all things considered?

i think the answer to that question is multi-layered, but mike is surely part of it. this guy loves success. the label of 'ball hog' or 'stats lover' has begun to actually offend me. if you don't like him, that's fine. but don't lie to yourself. he's playing for his next contract? that's a lot easier said than done- especially when you continue to bleed your life on the court, even after all wins lose all meaning.

now, will he get to 20? i think so. i hope so- if you get to that level as a pro, regardless of the means used to reach that end, it becomes something to help define your career. let's not kid ourselves, mike james is not a child, he might have another 5 quality years ahead of himself (maybe another 2 or 3 on the bench), so this'll be one of those things that'll be cherished down the road. but at the end of the day, i think anyone who believes that mike's at all satisfied with his stats is caught in a pool of imagination. i wonder if he'll ever look back on this season as having been successful- i think the value he places on points per game is far exceeded by the value he puts on wins per game. it's cliche, i know, but i actually believe it.

i think most of our current group is like that, too, which is refreshing.


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I think one thing we all have to remember here is that he delivers!! Big Time!! We might not like his off-court attitude with the media, may not like his on-court ball hogging .... but would any of us be complaining if we were winning games? If he selfishly took the last shot of the game and we won?

As much faith and confidence as we put in Bosh he needs role players and playmakers to make things happen becuase he can't do it on his own. If James draws a double team because he can make the shots and then drops the ball to a wide open Bosh for a dunk, who do we praise? Who gets the credit at the end of the day? In reality who cares.. did we win the game, are we heading for a deep play off run, are we gaining respect in the league, are we competing?

Lets face it, we have no other real good options not in the draft or the free trade market and if we lose him who else comes in and delivers that kind of intensity, points and leadership? Where do we turn for that answer and what are we going to have to pay for it?

We may not like all of Mike James, but I'll keep what he does on-court and look up the Wins vs. the Loses the next morning in the paper. 70 games into an 82 game season and I look at the Wins we've had... do I really care in April that MJ hogged the ball in 5 of the 7 wins we had in January?

Seriously. We want wins and a team that competes, but we also want poster boys that we'll adore on and off the court? We've got an exceptional player and poster boy in Bosh .... now lets focus on some winning folks.

I say we keep MJ (3yrs-5mil) with Calderon and Barrett as legit 2nd and 3rd options for the next few years.
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