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Every Bulls fan knows what they need. Defense and veterans. Here is a way I would try to do it.
1. Trade Eddie Robinson to New York for Kurt Thomas.
Layden is taking risks since his *** is on the line. With NY's interest again in Van Exel, you would trade Sprewell for Van Exel and filler (Adrian Griffin) and use the mid level exemption to sign Keon Clark. With the way Cheaney coaches, he uses a more up-tempo style. With a starting lineup a Van Exel, Houston, Robinson, McDyess and Clark, all can run the floor well and they have a very athletic line-up. With Clark being a good shot blocker, it's some protection for the suspect perimeter defense. Playing Clark center is possible with so few big, dominanting centers in the East. The Knicks would now have some depth

PG-Van Exel, Williams, Eisley, Ward
SG-Houston, Griffin
SF-Robinson, Anderson
PF-McDyess, Weatherspoon, Harrington
C-Clark, Doleac, Knight

As a Bulls fan, I have nothing against E-Rob even if he is slightly overpaid. He was unfortunate to be injuried this season and couldn't play to his full potential. But with the trade for Rose, I find it hard to see where he will fit. If the Knicks didn't want E-Rob but couldn't acquire Van Exel, try sign & trade Best for Thomas. Thomas gives the Bulls what they need up front, toughness, defense and rebounding. He would basically get the minutes Chandler and Curry don't get since he can play PF and C. So he could still get 28-30 mins with Curry and Chandler also playing over 30 mins per game. One problem is he has a trade kicker. So if the Bulls got Kurt Thomas, that means goodbye to Marcus Fizer.

2. Chicago trade Marcus Fizer to Cleveland
Cleveland trade Tyrone Hill, Bimbo Coles and a future 1st round selction (lottery proected) to Indiana
Indiana trade Ron Artest to Chicago
Cleveland trade their trade exception ($900,000) to Chicago
Indiana trade Ron Mercer to Cleveland.

I have no problem with Fizer. I'm a Fizer fan. I think he will become a starting quality PF in the future. The type of player you want to play behind Chandler now is something like Kurt Thomas. Some Bulls fans don't have many good things to say about Artest. Some have said he was mental, had poor shot selction, poor decision making and was selfish. But he plays DEFENSE. Once Artest realizes his limitations as a player and plays within the offense, he would be great. Plus Krause gets back the player he didn't want to trade.

At Indiana, with Harrington and Bender at SF, and Miller and Jones at SG, Artest may find it hard to get court time. They get help and experience at PG and PF. Both Hill and Coles have expiring contracts, like most of Indiana's roster. They may decide to keep Coles or sign someone like Erick Strickland to back up Tinsley. They will look to challenge in the East with a lineup of

PG-Tinsley, Strickland (FA signing), Coles
SG-Miller, Jones
SF-Harrington, Bender
PF-O'Neal, Hill
C-Miller, Foster

For Cleveland, Mercer has an expiring contract. With Ricky Davis still unsigned, it's good insurance (no one wants to see Nick Anderson play). With Fizer, they get a young PF who may become a very good player. The lottery protection helps them in the LeBron James sweepstakes. But now suddenly, things could be ok in Cleveland. They have youth at every position. Their inexperience will help them get a high lottery pick in the 2003 Draft. Cleveland's next move would be to trade Murray for a PG to help Wagner.

SG-Davis (resigned), Mercer, Anderson
SF-Miles, Murray, Jones
PF-Fizer, Mihm, Jamison
C-Illgauskas, Diop

On the assumption E-Rob is in NY, my next move involves Travis Best.
3. Trade Travis Best (sign & trade $4-4.2m) to Miami
Miami trades Anthony Carter to GS
GS trade Adonal Foyle to Chicago
Chicago trade Dalibor Bagaric to GS

Riley is an admirer of Best and has tried to acquire him before. Best would get to start in Miami. For GS, Carter has an expiring contract and with Bagaric, you wouldn't take up the 4th year option so he can become a FA after next season. With Dampier starting center, GS has been talking about giving Murphy some time at center, which could affect Foyle's playing time. So with Carter, Bagaric and Chris Mills ($6m) coming off the books in 2003, that's about $10m in salary and gives them some flexibility.

For Chicago, with the weak perimeter defense, Foyle will offer protection in the paint since he is a great shotblocker. I don't know how good his low post defense is, but it must be better than Bagaric. Bagaric may turn into a serviceable back up one day, but he is a 3rd string center at best at the moment.

If Best has been traded to NY, than the last trade won't happen. This trade isn't essential since the Bulls signed Corie Blount. If all these trades occurred, they Bulls have improved defensively.

Scenario 1
PG-Williams, Mason, veteran FA (Tim Hardaway/Mookie Blaylock?)
SG-Crawford, Hassell, Hoiberg
SF-Rose, Artest
PF-Chandler, Thomas, Baxtor
C-Curry, Foyle, Blount.

Scenaro 2
If they can't trade E-Rob, then they are still better defensively
PG-Crawford, Williams, Mason
SG-Rose, Hassell, Hoiberg
SF-Robinson, Artest,
PF-Chandler, Thomas, Baxtor
C-Curry, Blount, Bagaric.

In scenario 2, I could see E-Rob possibly being showcased along with Crawford (especially if he can't play SG, and J-Will outplays him at PG) for a quality SG OR SF.

These moves won't necessarily get the Bulls to playoffs, but it helps their defense and everyone knows defense=wins.
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