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If the Kings lose ths one, they're done

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I just can't see 'em taking two on the road against the Lakers. They need this one more than anything. This will be the game that decides whther there'll be a series, or a slaughter.

Chris Webber, get inside and stop taking jumpers!!! God didn't give you that frame to waste it on the perimeter. Actually, he probably didn't give it to you to play basketball either, but while you've got it, damn well use it! Get inside, rebound and make your damn foul shots
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I think he gave Webber that frame to atract Tyra. :yes:

Well, Sactown won and we now have a series. Only till they get to LA.
Jackson has definately stepped up during these playoffs and I bet there are alot of teams out there wishing they could get their hands on him as there starter.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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