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I'm Pumped

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This is a huge week for the Bull's playoff hopes, and I am psyched. I woke up this morning like it was high school and I was playing in the games tonight tomorrow and saturday. I spent much of the day "gettin my mind right" for this game and showing off my Kirk Hinrich jersey around campus.

Unlike many of the Bulls fans on this board who expect the Bulls to fail, I'm going all out and hoping they make it and sure my heart might be broken, but thats why they are called diehard fans...cuz they die hard.
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if they lose tonight they missed a good opportunity. Philly is WAAAYYYY behind Cleveland right now. By 24 pts.
:banana: Philly AND New York both getting thier [email protected]#"@ whipped!
It's now or never fellas.
Nice to see that there is at least one other person that believes we'll beat the Pistons or the Heat.
6th seed, here we come.

After tonight.

.5 behind Philly
1.5 behind indy
2.5 behind Milwaukee.

I won't mention Washington however :D.

Lets just hope those 3 teams keep losing, and we keep winning, if the Heat are resting players for the playoffs, we could win out the season.
Ben-GO pulled us through--and now its time to get pumped for tomorrow. Get on the plane and get a good night's sleep guys. Deng is gonna have a big tomorrow--I'm feeling it.
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