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There's only one of them left that was the coach of his team at the end of last year: Terry Stotts of Atlanta.

He's the only one!

And that's only because the ownership change in Atlanta isn't finished yet.

New Jersey: Byron out, Lawrence Frank in
Boston: O'Brien out, John Carroll in
New York: Cheaney out, Lenny in
Philly: Larry Brown out, Randy Ayers in
Miami: Riley out, Stan Van Gundy in
Washington: Collins out, Eddie Jordan in
Orlando: Rivers out, Johnny Davis in

Indiana: Isaiah out, Rick Carlisle in
Detroit: Rick Carlisle out, Larry Brown in
Milwaukee: George Karl out, Terry Porter in
New Orleans: Paul Silas out, Tim Floyd in
Toronto: Butch Carter out, Kevin O'Neill in
Cleveland: John Lucas out, Paul Silas in
Chicago: Bill Cartwright out, Scott Skiles in

This can't be real, can it?

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Originally posted by <b>WookiesOnRitalin</b>!
And Terry's contract is up at the end of the year.

How much will you bet that he won't be coming back to Atlanta next year?
If I remember correctly, Atlanta actually searched for a new coach for a while this past summer and when they couldn't get one, they settled for bringing Stotts back. We were close to having it be every team in the East with a different coach.

FYI, only three Western conference teams changed coaches since the end of last season: Houston, Clips and Phoenix. That's quite a disparity.
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