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Stephen Curry won his second consecutive MVP award this season. He had another amazing season, but is he the "real" MVP? LeBron James' value to this league and his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, is so underrated.

Steph Curry has only played in three NBA playoff games this season. In his absence, the Warriors are currently 6-2 in the playoffs. The Golden State Warriors are a well run team. Even with Steph Curry sidelined, the Warriors are still cruising through the playoffs.

Even without Steph Curry, the Warriors will be in the Western Conference Finals. MVP stands for Most Valuable Player. If we break that down, who is more valuable than LeBron James?


LeBron James left the city of Cleveland and the team immediately went to the NBA lottery. His departure from Miami back to Cleveland was an economical success.

The land value around Downtown Cleveland jumped up nearly 10% once LeBron returned. That's what value means. When you can impact economical changes to a region, your valuable.

At The Q, where James has the Cavaliers looking like a legitimate contender to win the franchise's first NBA title, ticket sales are up. That means beer sales are up. Food sales, T-shirt sales, and parking revenue -- all up.

LeBron James vs Stephen CurryLeBron plays for the love of the game and also to represent his region in Northeast Ohio. He is playing in his sixth consecutive Eastern Conference Finals, where he will have the chance for a trip to his sixth consecutive NBA Finals.

Availability is very underrated. Lebron James rarely gets injured and is always ready to go. In addition, he always makes his players play better.

In his years in Miami, LeBron James had to carry the load. Wade and Bosh were constantly dealing with injuries. Even with dealing with adversity in Miami, he find a way to win two NBA titles in four attempts.

No other athlete in American sports history deals with more pressure, more load and more scrutiny than LeBron James. You put him on any franchise, they instantly become a playoff title contender.


LeBron James vs Stephen CurryStephen Curry is a phenomenal athlete. Arguably the best pure shooter the league has ever seen. He led the league in scoring at 30 points per game to go along with averages of nearly seven assists and over five rebounds per game. The Warriors had the best offense in the league and hit well over 1,000 three-pointers on the season, a feat that's never been done before.

Those are great stats, but many would argue Steph isn't the MVP of his own team. That honor could go to Draymond Green. However, the votes are in and Steph will enjoy his second consecutive MVP Award -- something not many players can say the same about.

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