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From the Detroit News:

To further illuminate a much-discussed Pistons concern: In the 16 losses, the three guards have shot miserably — Billups 31.2 percent, Richard Hamilton 39.3 percent, and Chucky Atkins 35.1 percent.

To which Brown deadpanned: “Two of them are shooting below 40 percent for the year.”

He’s right; Billups (37.8) and Atkins (39.8) have not hit 40 percent all season.

“When we have as many turnovers as assists, it means we’re not sharing the ball,” Brown said, trying to make sense of it. “And when we shoot a low percentage, usually our defense is terrible, which doesn’t allow us to get easy shots. And there is also an impatience when guys think, I am going to try and win it by myself, which leads to bad shots.”
It's interesting to see that in all our losses our guards have shot below 40%.
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