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One-On-One ... With ManuBy Marc Stein

Editor's note: As part of his around-the-league edition of the Daily Dime every week, Marc Stein will go one-on-one to five -- five questions, that is -- with an NBA newsmaker.

This week's subject is San Antonio's Manu Ginobili, who has been trying to play through a bruised right quadriceps suffered just three days before the start of the season.

1. Stein: We saw you miss your first nine shots [last weekend in Dallas], including a wide-open layup right at the rim. How much is the injury holding you back?

Ginobili: I don't know if it's more my body or my head, but something is holding me back.

2. Stein: Maybe one thing leads to the other.

Ginobili: It's probably a little bit of both. I'm out of rhythm, like I'm still on vacation. The good part of it is, it's only been a few games.

3. Stein: This was your first summer off from Argentina's national team in years. Is it a case where the extended break might be hurting your sharpness now but help your freshness later in the season?

Ginobili: For me it's something strange. I've never had this time off in my career, so I really feel like I'm a couple steps behind. But it's not too worried. Obviously I don't like playing that badly, but I know it's going to get better.

4. Stein: There's a theory out there that your long hair used to help you get to the foul line because it flew all over the place whenever you absorbed contact. Aren't you worried that your new, shorter cut will cost you some free throws?

Ginobili: I went to the line 10 times [against the Mavericks]. So, no.

5. Stein: Whose decision was it to cut it? Yours or your wife's?

Ginobili: I was tired of it already. But it's going to grow again.

Marc Stein is the senior NBA writer for
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