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Is Dan Dickau traveling with the team?

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Does anyone know if Dan Dickau is traveling with they team? Or sitting on the bench during there games?
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I havnt seen the little clown since his injury.
I think he's in Portland (that's where his home is, right?) and visits the team on the West Coast.
Ya, He lives in Vancouver, Washington just across the river from Portland. I just thought he may be traveling with the team.
adam morrison wannabe
He lives in Washington, came out to see the team in Chicago when they played there last week. Has been rehabbing at home in Wash though and is not with the team.
As some of you have said, yes, he lives in Vancouver, WA and is rehabbing. I live in Vancouver, and saw him a few days ago with his wife and kids. He still walks with a slight limp and does have a nice head of hair. :) His wife... WOW!
WOW indeed
TheBigDonut said:
WOW indeed
She's a former Trail Blazer dancer.
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