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I usually don't care what people write in these things cuz most of the people are clueless, but when I see someone actually correcting someone then people jumping on his back and saying he is wrong.. I stop what I am doing sign up and pick a screen name. If anybody dribbles over there shoulders it is a carry. Just like when someone palms the ball it's a carry.. Then I seen some on write they don't call traveling no more they let them take two steps for whatever he said..I agree they really don't call traveling anymore but you could always take two steps.. actually watch or play a game and see someone goin in for a layup or a dunk.. if you knew how to play basketball you would know when you go up on the right side of the basket you jump off your left foot if your on the left side of the basket you go up on your right foot.....

I'm not gona even start to get into the hop step... but for you ignorant people out there keep your mouth shut and give your thumbs a rest.
You're wrong. Wrong wrong WRONG wrong... Wrong WRONG wrong WRONG.

Just wanted to make that abundantly clear.

National Federation of State High School Associations rulebook. I can't find anything more recent than 11-12, but on their website's page for changes in the rules to more recent additions I see nothing indicating a change in the rules on dribbling a basketball. Just because someone once told you something - does not mean it is right. I'm sure you were informed by some coach, official, or parent that you highly respect. But the fact is that that person was misinformed regarding the rules. Check that rulebook. At a high school level, as has already been mentioned about the college and NBA level... as long as you keep your hand above the ball, you're fine.

It is simply the truth. What you think is true is simply the basketball version of an Old Wives Tale (so... a Real Housewives of Atlanta tale?).
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