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Is Fotsis gonna be a Grizzly next season?

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Is Antonis Fotsis gonna be a Grizzly next season, and if so do you think he will get any time?:sigh:
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UofMark, I'm more suprised of them letting Buford go than Fotsis. I thought Buford performed great for the team last year after coming in at a late start. But, remember when West came in he said that he wanted model players and players who know how to play the game. Buford knew how to play the game, but with his suspension last year surrounding the drug incident, that probably did him in. I know there's a few others on the team who's probably not considered your model player, such as J-Will, but he didn't misbehave last year concerning the drug incident.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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