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With the late picks I see them picking up some euro talent and stashing them away for a while, I look at a guy like BISMACK BIYOMBO as a guy who play's defense and has the potential to be a more athletic Taj Gibson.

Kyle Singler and Jereme Richmond are possibilities late in the draft but I really don't like Singler's NBA game or Richmonds attitude.

If for some crazy reason Jeremy Lamb from Ucon declares early and slips to the Bulls, I say they should jump on him ASAP. The kid is a 6'5 SG with a ridiculous wing span, hes got arms that should just not be on a guy his size, think Scottie Pippen freakish arms on a 6'5 frame. The kid can grow to be a truly great defensive player under Thibs.
Yeah, I definitely think that should be their strategy this off season. I've been thinking about this for some time now. It will be hard for any rookie, especially one from this draft and late in the draft, to get playing time with our group of players. JJ has talent but was a waisted pick for us because he couldn't get playing time and the Bulls' management will have to be excellent with their picks in the draft this year to get someone who can take someone elses spot. The key is to acquire assets, so I think drafting a player they can keep overseas to get playing time is crucial and maybe trading away the other pick for a future pick.

We will find out our weakness in the playoffs and management can address that with the MLE this off season. By acquring assets, like future picks and overseas players, the Bulls will have the opportunity to trade for someone who is that final piece like a Dwight Howard. Do we need someone that great to win? I don't know. Like I said, let's wait to see wht the playoffs tell us, but by hoarding assets, the Bulls at least have things that are attractive in getting someone like that.
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