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Don't bet on it. For weeks it's been reported that there's mutual interest between Travis Best and Milwaukee. Now we find out that Krause has been angling for Toni Kukoc, who was recently traded to the Bucks. Of course, there's no way Krause will take on Kukoc's salary unless he can move ERob somewhere else. So today the Insider steps forward with this remark:

Kukoc won't be more than a backup in Milwaukee and the ongoing problems with Cassell don't bode well for his future, so don't be surprised to see Milwaukee and Chicago find a third team interested in Cassell and Robinson, who can make things happen.

What would convince a third team to jump in and take on Robinson's contract, which has 4 years to go? That's hard to say, although it's probably safe to assume Robinson's toe is well enough to pass a pre-trade physical.

If Krause can find a taker for ERob (he found a chump willing to take Mercer, didn't he?), I expect he'll go out and sign Harpring shortly thereafter.

All I can say right now is that Robinson, Crawford, Fizer and Hoiberg had better keep their bags packed 'cause somebody's going to be on the move before camp opens 10/2.

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New York the 3rd team ??

Well here is how it could work Dickie

This of course is predicated upon the appropriate amount of time passing before Kukoc could be traded.. but here goes :

Milwaukee give up

Kukoc, Cassell and Przybilla @ $15.1M

Milwaukee receive

Best, Charlie Ward, Travis Knight and Lavor Postell ( resigned at $800K to make the deal work from New York's end and what they take back ) @ $14.3M

New York give up

Ward, Knight and Postell @ $10.55M

New York receive

Cassell, ERob and Przybilla @ $12.05M

Chicago give up :

ERob and Travis Best at $9.475M

Chicago receive

Toni Kukoc @ $8.82M

Milwaukee gets to trim $800K of payroll which leads to a $1.6M luxury tax saving seeing asthough they have no chance of getting under the limit . They get steady if unspectacular points in Best ( scorer ) and Ward ( defender ) that can run the offense for Ray Allen and Tim Thomas ( time to start earning his money ) Marcus Haislip looks like he could be a scorer for them on the forward line too and Mason can always put points on the board at forward . With Mason able to play a point forward role they really don't need Kukoc . Having said that with Rose able to play the point forward role why do we need Kukoc at $9M per for the next 2 years who himself has a rich history of injury problems ( if that is what we are worried about with ERob ) Anyway Milwaukee can probably afford to trade Przybilla if they get back Travis Knight and with Gadzuric and Pope there to back up the center spot.

From New York's point of view , they take on an extra $1.5M in salary which is going to lead to a cost of $3M seeing as though they got no hope of getting under the salary cap either. But is this extra $3M burden worth it to acquire a point guard of Cassell's quality.... I mean point guard has been the achilles heel of the Knicks for the last 10 years ... they just can't get settled there - Mark Jackson, Doc, Derek Harper, Ward, Childs,Mark Jackson part deux.... always wanting to trade for Van Exel types etc. Well if Van Excel costs you $9M and possibly more if you take back more than you give out in a trade with Dallas, is the extra $3M in effective cost they assume in doing the trade worth it when Cassell would only cost you $4.5M ( $7.5M adding on the luxury tax effective cost element ) as opposed to Van Exel at $9M . I mean if you beleive in their equality in quality doesnt the extra $3M the Knicks spend in doing the trade get balanced out by this salary differential between Cassell and Van Exel ?? Knicks get a legit sized center on their roster in Przybila ( they have not got one right now ) plus they get swingman depth in ERob to form strength with Shandon Andersen ( another overpaid swingman - but hey its the Knicks - everyone is overpaid )

From Chi's point of view we figure Erob is overpaid and a health risk .. and we want to acquire Kukoc ?? Hmmm go figure . Plus when we already have a point forward on the roster ?? Hmmm go figure again .

Even though the deal works all round I fail to see what clear benefit there is for Chi
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