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Fast forward to today.

There was the bizarre open threat to any franchise that played Darius Miles.

There was the trade of Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake in mid-season.

The awkward, unexplained firing of Tom Penn.

The curiosity over what would happen with Kevin Pritchard.

The disgruntled antics of Rudy Fernandez.

The draft day send-off of Martell Webster...

...and the even more bizarre hour-before-the draft firing of Pritchard.

Suddenly, many of the features that led to the Jailblazers era were returning.

Here were the back-stabbing office politics. Here were the other hall-marks... the importing of talented players at the cost of home-grown guys.

Not even I would argue the trade of Outlaw and Blake for Marcus Camby did anything but improve the team.

Arguably, as much as I like Webster, the drop-off from him to Luke Babbitt is not really a difference maker over the course of the season.

The problem is more based in the nature of fandom.

I am mostly a Blazer fan, with the nature of the team taking second place. A few examples seem to fit here.

Back when Jim Paxson was the Blazer "star", the team was, frankly, pretty blah. They played a modestly quick but not exceptional style of ball.

By contrast, the years when Clyde Drexler was the main gun, they were a very fun, run-and-gun, high scoring machine.

Pretty long article so I didn't know which parts to quote. Just quoted the start of the bad bits.

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That's ridiculous! While I don't understand the firing of Penn and especially KP, that stuff happens, and my oh my, we made a couple trades. Sheesh. Anyone that went through the so called 'Jailblazers' era knows there is no comparison. What players has gotten in trouble with the law? Our team is known for great character and while some of the front office moves might be a tad strange, to say it's a return to the jailblazers is just ridiculous.
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