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Is There A Pittsnogle In The NETS' Future?

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"... there was an old mountaineer who barely kept his family fed ... and then one day ... he was shooting at some food ... and up from the ground ... came a bubblin' crude ... Black Gold ... Texas Tea ... the next thing you know ... ole Jed's a millionaire ... the kin folk said ... Jed ... move away from there ... they said California's the least y' oughta be ..."

UVA's Kevin Pittsnogle is getting some burn in the press. UVA Alums Rod Thorn, Jerry West and "Hot" Rod Hundley are mentioned in the same breath in this article here. Could there be a Pittsnogle in the NETS' future.

Pittsnogle looks strong, but slow, lumbering and unable to jump much. What's your take?

On the one hand, you can be sure that whenver it is leaked to the press that the NETS are interested in someone, they rarely get that person. It could just be smoke and mirrors.

Of course, we could all be surprised. What think you of Kevin Pittsnogle?

P.S., I always thought that Jerry West hated the handle Chick Hearn tagged on him: "Zeke from Cabin Creek." I could feel him cringe. This article proves it.
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