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MJ doesn't care much about the all-star freezeout in 85' or the unsportsmanlike conduct in 91' - those were merely symptoms of Isiah's jealousy for MJ that culminated in the late-80's battles between the Bad Boys and Bulls. Accordingly, the reason MJ hates Isiah is that Isiah was the kingpin of a group-like physical attack against MJ by the Bad Boy Pistons. No player in history had their opponents actually trying to physically hurt their them every time they entered the paint.. Guys like Wilt and Shaq get fouled a lot but when did their opponents openly admit in interviews that the intent was to hurt them and take them out?? Guys like Laimbeer, Salley and Rodman have repeatedly said in live interviews that the objective was to hurt Jordan and take him out - they would often make a clothesline motion with their arm or elbow to demonstrate the act and intent when MJ came to the hole.. Otoh, the historical record doesn't show Russell saying that he was trying to hurt Wilt and take him out of the air or clothesline him.. Only Jordan faced that because otherwise he was going to average 40-50 with 8-10 assists against maximum defensive attention (carrying scoring load) to win via upset like he did versus the #1 SRS Cavs in 1989 (3 all-stars) or 53-win Knicks (2 all-stars).
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