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ok i have one thing to say.....
i havent been on these boards for a long time so i dont know what the general consensus is about michael jordan in a wiz uniform. therefore, i am not goin to make any generalizations or assumptions. my point is this: michael jordan played last year, coming off a few broken ribs in the middle of his conditioning preparations, and averaged about 22, 6 and 5 (i may be a few # off but w/e). Also, he had huge knee problems and definately hit a wall near the end of the season.

Michael Jordan this year is coming off a healthy summer, says he feels strong and fit again (something he definately did not say last year before the season) and has a much better supporting cast in stackhouse (meaning they wont be able to double/triple him as easily) and co. (russell, hughes, etc).

Now, speculate that michael jordan starts at SF, and russell comes off the bench as 6th man.

Okay, How does michael jordan NOT average 26-28pts, 6reb, and 6-7asts a night, considering what he did last year?!? hes in better shape, in a better situation, and doesnt have to be relied on so heavily any more. MJ could very plausibly take this team very far next year. i'm gonna be watching closely, and i'm not even a wiz fan.

PS I realize that in all respects that MJ will probably come off the bench himself, i'm just thinking what if.....
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