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Iverson is one of the best

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no matter what happens between Brown and iverson, one thing will remain the same, Iverson is one of the best players in the NBA, and certanly the best for his size.

But like any team, one star doesn't make a team win, other players have to step up. The Toronto Raptors made it hell for the Pistons to get past them, even without Vince Carter, and they did it because other players stepped up and filled his shoes. The Sixers dont have a single other player on the team that can score twenty points on any given game, but when you look at some of the best teams right now, they all have at least two. Boston has Walker and Pierce, the Lakers have Kobe and Shaq, the Mavs have Nowitzki, Nash, and Finley, the Kings have Divac and Webber, the list goes on and on. There are so many teams that are just one more player away from being a major team to be reckoned with, and in my opinion, the sixers are definitly the closest.
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Agree, he is better than Pierce by a mile.
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