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ORLANDO, Fla. -- There's one thing Orlando Magic coach Jacque Vaughn can promise as the head of a team that finished a league-worst 20-62 in Year 1 of the franchise's latest rebuilding project.

He won't allow any sugarcoating.

Not for his players, or even to a Magic fan base still feeling the rawness of Dwight Howard's exit two summers ago.

"It is a reality, that's the first part of it. You have to understand it, and accept it, and you move forward," Vaughn said.

And if there were a soundtrack to this season, odds are Vaughn would prefer it to be written by Bill Withers.

"I love music. Bill Withers said 'you can't get through wonderful without passing through all right,'" said Vaughn, entering is second season as the Magic's coach. "There are steps to the process of getting to be wonderful. We'll continue our steps. We'll be patient, but resilient at the same time...and that's the message our guys will continue to live by every day."

Vaughn's confidence aside, with a roster top heavy with young players, it's no secret that the Magic will open training camp Tuesday miles away from the playoff runs fans were spoiled on during the Howard-led era.

While second-year general manager Rob Hennigan said he also knows there is lots of work ahead, he shared Vaughn's assessment of what the next chapter must look like in the improvement process.

"I think his analogy is right on," Hennigan said. "I think all of us know where we want to be. We know where we want to get. But we don't want to skip steps along the way."
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