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This needs to be broached eventually.

The Wizards have a hard on for Jamal Crawford. I actually think he needs to prove a little more that he can penetrate and be effective at that before I would grab him, but he apparently has shown enough to MJ to make attempts to grab him.

I keep thinking that eventually it is going to happen and that it is going to cost the Wizards some future draft picks. I would think next years unprotected first at the least because in all likelyhood looking at the Wizards and Bulls they are both lottery bound and Krause must be already salivating over Lebron James.

Jared Jeffries may be the best bargaining chip now that Courtney is gone. I personally, really want to keep Jeffries. I am not sure what is going to happen and I don't think the Wizards have the ability to grab Crawford.

However couldn't you just see a deal being made between MJ and Krause, benefiting both teams and both doing something to end the nastiness that apparently still exists?

Anyway, this is all conjecture. I just have a feeling that somehow it is going to get done eventually.

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I mentioned the same thing earlier today on another message board. As a Bulls fan, I would be ecstatic if they could get JJ for Crawford. I've watched Jeffries since he was a junior in high school. I think he would be the perfect complement to the young core the Bulls have. He is very unselfish, a good passer with solid handles. He could also end up being a solid defender at 6"10.

I agree with your assessment of Crawford. I was actually surprised he did as well as he did coming off major knee surgery. His lack of penetration is a source of frustration with many Bulls fans. I think now that he has played on the knee and has JWill pushing him, maybe he will go to the hole more often.

Can Krause and MJ put aside their hatred to pull off a deal? I doubt it. Too much bad blood there. I think for a deal to come off, they would each have to feel like they were screwing the other. Plus, I honestly think they are both afraid to lose out on a trade to each other. This could be a win-win deal for both teams.
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