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Pack signed to a 10-day contract. That's 4 games.

Griffin placed on IR. After 5 games, he would be eligible to come off on the 21st in San Antonio. I would suspect that the earliest we'll see him in uniform is the 25th at home against Boston. Of course, that's the one game this year that isn't on TV.

Planinic activated. I would think that he would have seen some non-garbage time tonight, but Byron went to Pack. I guess Pack will probably be here for the rest of the year, because I think you can only sign a player to 2 consecutive 10-days, and then he's either here for good or he's gone. (I could be wrong.)

It would be nice if they just threw ZP into the rotation for these 4 games (or for the 9 that would be played if Pack was here for 20 days), and if he plays well enough, then they don't need to keep Pack.

IR is now Griffin, Slay and Mourning. Armstrong looked pretty bad tonight, so I could imagine swapping him for Slay at any point.
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