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This is registered to Bill Duffy's sports management company, but only for a year :)

BDA Sports
Bill Sanders
870 Commonwealth Ave. Suite 100
Venice, CA 90291
Phone: 310 581-4509
Fax..: 310 581-4609
Email: [email protected]

Registrar Name....:
Registrar Whois...:
Registrar Homepage:

Domain Name: JAYWILL.NET

Created on..............: Wed, May 01, 2002
Expires on..............: Thu, May 01, 2003
Record last updated on..: Wed, May 01, 2002

Bonus: (which is registered to; looks like an official website; please correct me if i am wrong)

The site is pretty well made. An interesting quote in their mock draft:

"Many think "Skita" will be drafted as high as # 3.We here at don't think so.Phoenix is thrilled he's still on the board,and takes on the project"
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