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"It's a big digit," Andrei Kirilenko marveled, but 900 NBA victories is still just a number to Jerry Sloan, nothing special.

But the way that the Jazz accomplished that landmark achievement for their coach, by beating the Suns, 96-92 -- now that's a tribute to their relentless mentor that Sloan can appreciate.

The Jazz made their all-too-normal share of mistakes Saturday night, some of them at critical times. But every time something went wrong, the Jazz simply shook it off, focused on the next play, and redeemed themselves with notable successes that overcame the misplays.

Kirilenko tosses another layup into Amare Stoudemire's shot-blocking maw? No problem -- he'll simply nail a three-pointer to restore the Jazz's lead. Mo Williams overplays on defense, leaving his man alone for an open shot? Big deal -- he'll make up for it by pulling down a crucial rebound over bigger Suns. Carlos Arroyo dribbles the ball off his foot, an awful turnover with the game tied and a minute to go? So what -- he merely steps back on the next possession and skewers the Suns with a cold-blooded three.
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