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I know I already posted this in the NBA thread but I want all Celtic fans to read this:

OK now tell me I'm wrong if Vin B had his best years in the east. Also with losing rogers this will keep a good scoring punch off the bench and he can spell walker and battie when they need rests. Oh and you can bet that even though he didn't play any D in Seattle that O'B will have his butt working hard in the off season. Kenny we can replace his 10pts and 5ast that wont be a problem. Vitaly was only a big body and he didn't really do much anyway......But the bad part after we took Forte last year and worked him at PG he finally looked good this offseason and then we trade him(thats the dumb part) But all in all I think that it will make us a better team. Plus you cant doubt Shammonds potential to be one of the best 3pt shooters in the L. Now it still remains to be seen whether or not he'll be the backup point we need but with the addition of JR Bremer he will help with some of the load..
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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