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Johnson won't deny Dirk his 3s

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Nowitzki learns from good shot/bad shot sessions with coach

12:04 AM CST on Saturday, March 18, 2006
By EDDIE SEFKO / The Dallas Morning News

WASHINGTON – Dirk Nowitzki came into this season as a career 37.5 percent shooter from 3-point range.

In 66 games this season, he's hit more than 41 percent from beyond the arc. And yet, Nowitzki still occasionally incurs the wrath of coach Avery Johnson for flinging from long range.

"When I shoot a 3 now," Nowitzki said, "I know I'm going to sometimes get that stare-down from the bench."

Not always, of course. Johnson said he's been trying to fight the perception all season that he doesn't like Nowitzki or anybody else throwing up an abundance of 3-pointers.

And Johnson was quick to say that Nowitzki has done a good job of being more selective.

"I think he's taking good 3s," Johnson said before Friday's hookup with the Wizards. "I like him taking good 3s, and he's taken some good ones this year. I don't want to ever take that weapon away from him."

Like Nowitzki, Johnson has learned to be more selective, too.

"It's called good shot/bad shot in our film sessions," he said of his critiques of Nowitzki. "Is it a good shot or a bad shot, because we're trying to figure out what's going to work in the playoffs."
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