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Its true, that right now, we do not have a news team. However that could change. If you answer yes to the following questions, then you can help make it a reality.

1. Would you like to see headlines and urls about your favorite team/teams on the homepage? And in a forum where they will be kept as reference?

2. Do you browse the internet daily, both in the morning and evening, searching for new articles to read about your team?

3. Do those places include, newspapers on the internet, ESPN, CNNSI, MSNBC, The sporting news, USA today, And to a lesser extent, do you read editorials from Hoopsworld, and Would you like to see the very best of those editorials as headlines?

4. Would you like to do this so you won't have to go elsewhere to read about other teams all the time before you come here to post?

Then, you can help. Joining the news team will not take up anymore time than you already do, in browsing the internet daily. I promise.

We are looking for posters from the NBA, WNBA, Mens College, and Other Pro basketball to help us make this come true. If this interests you, contact me and i will tell you further what is needed.
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