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Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones > Penny

Eddie is a great player, great defense, and hard working. He can also score. He is a warrior and a heat-type player, Penny is always injured and a waste of cap. I hope we dont get him , we dont need another hardaway on our team.

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Jones is/was/will never be the same "creator" that Penny Hardaway was.

Jones is basically an A grade finisher, but 87 million? :cool:

While Penny was basically a creator for either Magic and the Suns when he was healthy. Penny is not worth that money because he was injured but Jones just isnt worth that money in the first place.:mad:

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E.J. is just as GOOD as Penny,if not BETTER!!!!!

Do u get the fact that Penny SUCKS,and that hes going to continue to SUCK until he retires?At the time E.J. was getting the same offer from Chicago,if we DIDNT pay him they would have!

Career Averages


MPG - 36.2-36.1
FG - .465-.450
3PT - .310-.379
FT - .772-.808
RPG - 4.80-4.10
APG - 5.8-3.2
SPG - 1.83-2.06
BPG - .51-.77
TO - 2.86-1.83
PPG - 17.6-16.6

They broke even,NOW WHAT?!?!?!
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