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RD said:

So now we judge a player based on 6 games? Wonderful logic. Plenty of people go through slumps.

But, since you want to talk about the tourney run, how about Mr. Farmar?

Afflalo shot 33% from the field, 32% on 3's
Farmar shot 36% from the field, 30% on 3's

If you want to talk percentages, try them over a bigger period.

For his career, Afflalo has shot 45% from the field and 37% on 3's.

For his career, Farmar has shot 41% from the field, and 33% on 3's.

Bad form or not, Arron Afflalo is clearly the better shooter when compared to Jordan Farmar. When you add in that he has a better body for his position in the league and is a much better defender, it's pretty simple to see who projects better.
This isn't just random 6 games, its the NCAA TOURNAMENT. The equivelant of the NBA Playoffs. They were the biggest games of Aaron's career and he simply didn't show up. The Bruins would've gone nowhere without Jordan IMO.
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