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Word has it Kohl
is discussing selling the team...perhaps in a joint deal with MJ. Now Phil Jackson is also awaiting to get back in the league.

Can we see Jordan and
the Zen Master in Milwaukee? Dont laugh...anything can happen. Jordan running basketball operations...Phil on the sidelines and Kohl a minoirty owner...

It was Kohl who approached Jordan first when MJ was rumored to coming back to play for a third time and Jordan declined...

When Karl was first hired as coach it was Jackson who Kohl approached by some reports before he went to Lakers!

Phil Jackson who was out of coaching at that time but at least the Bucks (Kohl) did go to him, and he had turned Bucks down...and they hired Karl.

It could be back then Kohl was trying to get the two together here before!

Kohl knows greatness when he sees it...and he is a shrewd businessman and opportunistic man...You decide....???? I think it would be not far out of the question and great for the Bucks to even consider such a bold and drastic shift...from also rans to legit title hopefuls!!! :yes:

Just think of the drama with Bucks vs Bulls? Jordan and Jackson just 99 miles up the road ....against rivals in the east!? Great stuff... :rbanana:

Am I being realistic or screwy...? :krazy:
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