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Give'm a chance until the end of the season to prove his long term value.

If it doesn't look like a promising future, at least in Chicago, package Curry and (???) to the team with the top pick for that pick and filler. Otherwise we could send Curry and our pick for the top pick and (???). Maybe even a 3-way with the Bobcats where they get Curry and we send our pick and their pick to the team with the #1 pick. Sort of depends on how good our pick is.

I also find it hard to believe management really believes Crawford is the kind of player they want. They definitely are enamored with Hinrich and the way he plays the game all-out so it appears they'd like someone a little more hard-nosed filling the 2 spot. However, wouldn't Crawford have to be part of a sign and trade if he gets dealt in the summer?

Curry and Crawford are the big pieces that might bring us back something really nice. Fizer, Erob, etc. are nothing but expiring and future expiring contracts. Must be sad to be a player and know you only have value because your contract is about to expire... I digress.

Its hard to put something together not knowing who will have the top spot and what our pick will be, but what kind of deal should Paxson be looking at that this summer that could involve Curry, Crawford, our pick and landing this years #1 in the draft and filling the small forward and shooting guard spot?

This team is getting pretty tough to watch. Not only don't we have any excuses, we haven't shown any vision. Talk of Posey, Newble, Gill and Pippen just won't do it this summer. Its a big summer ahead for Paxson. He needs to make the most of it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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