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just watched again

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guys the 6th game of our last championship with michael's buzzer beater and i saw two guys that i've never heard news from them again,Longley and Ceaffee of th Jazz,anybody knows what are they doing and where?
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Luc went and played with New York. But retired because of his ankle, so N.Y got a medical exceptions for part of his contract. And hence he couldn't never play professional ball again.

He always said he wanted to come back and play with his friend Andrew Valhov in Australia but couldn't.
Luc and Andrew are from the Australia State Western Australia and got together and bought the Western Australia Team the Perth Wildcats. They are still running that together as far as I know. And yes there was season or two when Andrew played while being co owner of the club.
I thought Luc Longley went on to play for the Suns....and Jason Caffey I believe played for the Bucks.
I remember there was an article over the summer saying that Phil Jackson was scooba diving off the coast of Australia with Luc Longley at that time....
Luc did go to New York, but I think he also had a stint with the Suns before that as well.
Im from Western Australia, and yes, Luc and Andrew did buy the Wildcats, but as far as I know Luc sold his share. He was tipped to come back and play for the Cats alongside Andrew when his NBA career finished, but that obviously never happened. An awesome Aussie Player. I really hope that Andrew Bogut does well, but at the same time I dont want him to become as good as Luc - unless the Bulls sign him of course! :biggrin:
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