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recap from clutch fan bbs:


Juwon wont be back when projected (last week of season)
JVG said Scott and Bowen will be playing in his absence.
He doesnt even want to comment if Juwon will be on the playoff roster, see below.

JVG will not concede that we are making the playoffs. He is out to win every game, does not want to fold up like Memphis is doing.

He comments T-Wolves have an extremely easy remaining schedule and should win 9 of 11.

He admits some match ups would be better than others, but mentioned "we do not determine our opponent"

He mentioned the team got in at 3am

JVG thinks we are playing poor defense right now.

Said Yao's behind the back play brought some excitment to what could be considered a meaningless game.

Did not comment on rumors of Yao joining the And-1 tour.

Caller commented on the winning percentage in the retro uni's and mentioned we should wear that in the playoffs so we dont have to hang the Dracula logo in the rafters.
Coach said if it was that easy we would wear those unis every night

JVG mentioned Yao will not be all powerful like Shaq, but his game will combine some power and some finess and he is happy with that.

JVG was asked about how well Mutombo has been playing lately and the fact that he has been putting up lots of minutes lately for "an old man"....JVG answered, "Well, I wish we knew what age he was!"

BTW, he is pretty sick, so don't expect a fiery JVG screaming at opponent players in the upcoming game or two. My concern is that he and Yao might spread that bug to everyone else on the team.

JVG commented briefly on Vin Baker...
He said "I don't know if Vin has anything left in the tank, but Vin thinks he has something left in the tank." And said that he won't rule out playing Baker again, but he really can't predict what will happen.

My two cents on his tone and style when he spoke of Vin, I would say that he would never probably see another minutes, JVG clearly came very close to saying "man he stinks! He is a big waste of nothing!". That is the sense I got from the way he talked about Vin.
So take that for what it's worth.

JVG was asked about the Yao highlight last night...
He said that his first thoughts were: "Why the hell are we making an outlet pass to Yao on a fastbreak?"

Then he said that "I don't mind saying this: I Love this team, I love our guys on our team, I love them for who they are" and that there is very good chemistry between them and he is comfortable with their level of trust among one another.

He commented about other teams...
Sad Spurs with a healthy Duncan are clear favorites "to win it all".

Thinks Suns and Sonics aren't getting enough respect and they can replicate their success in the season in the playoffs.
He said Suns are in the top of the league in points in the paint, and he says that means that their game can travel well into the playoffs.
He said the Sonics are very deep and that makes them tough.

He commented more extensively on the Mavs (I guess he believes that is the team we will play), and said that the Mavs are the "most underrated team in the NBA", praising their progress from last year saying that they are better than last year, and that they are in the top in the league in some offensive AND defensive categories, and he thinks that they are a "very well-balances team" that will be a "very tough outing for any other team in the NBA", that it won't be easy to kick them out of the playoffs.

JVG also said that we have had a hard time scoring against the Hornets (we've scored in the 80's), and the keys to victory tomorrow night was to win the rebounding battle and to keep turnovers down to keep them from getting out on the fast break.

He said Duncan is an MVP player and the Spurs are a machine.
He also said Shaq is unstoppable and Miami is playing the best basketball in the league

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i hope howard plays i realy do
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