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I'm 100% in Jwill's camp unless we get a blockbuster of a trade
From Duke's Williams will make Bulls lucky to have No. 2 pick
By Mike DeCourcy - The Sporting News

Williams will succeed in the NBA because he owns every quality necessary for excellence at his position.

He is more powerful than any quick point guard in the league. He is quicker than any power guard. He has tremendous shooting range and will be nearly as comfortable with the NBA 3-point line as the shorter college distance. He is an adept passer who averaged more than five assists on a team for which he was not the primary point guard.

From Indiana's recruiting; Jay Williams' future; Taylor making a mistake?
By Mike DeCourcy - The Sporting News

Most of the coaches who had to defend Williams were as exasperated by Williams as Mike Krzyzewski was enamored with him. They know how difficult he is to defend. I've never heard coaches speak about a player with such a sense of awe, and I've been covering college basketball for nearly two decades
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