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did anybody go?

i heard it was amazing.....that the NYC team beat TO only by one point. Great game overall some very impressive people AND1 ballers....don't know too much info on this thats why i am posting it here to see if anyone knows anything.....

BTW there was a dunk contest and some guy named "FLIGHT" tore it up. Brought the crowd to its feet and was just doing some amazing dunks all over the place. If you guys don't know who "flight" is its JAMES WHITE from the University of Florida if im not mistaken...

all of his dunks were done from the free throw hander first, then two hander.....then windmill, then a between the legs....this kid would kill carter in a dunk contest so they say...

he lacks the power of vince and his hands.....thats the only downside to his dunking skills......
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