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I said I wanted to get my paws on this game so I went out and rented it.

So far it is great. I have played 2 missions which took me 2 hours. they are humoungous (sp?) well the second one is way longer than the first. The first mission is D-Day, It is fun dodging the mortars and hiding behind the metal things while helping yo dawgs. :D

The second is sweet, you start off in a broken down town. The hard part is blowing up a tank. After you do that you can climb up a church tower and start mowing down all the people below. BWAH HAH HAH :devil:

I was in a submarine and some fat cook started throwing knives at me so I wasted him. BWAH HAH HAH :devil:

Later in that mission you go to a dock/marina type thingy. Here I found a sniper rifle and let them Germans have it. BWAH HAH HAH :devil:

I would rate this

Graphics 8/10 looks amazing, but upclose people look like Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf. There are a lot of clipping problems too

FunNess 10/10 It is entertaining sneaking around sniping people or jumping behind a mounted gun a lettenem have it. BWAH HAH HAH :devil:

Sound 9/10 and game that can freak me out by the music has good music. It is FREAKY.


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It took you that long to beat the first two levels-man you are bad. :)
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