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I would trade for Swift in a heart beat ,Samaki Walker man please, I love Rob Horry but we have to get him back to the bench and Walker is not the answer we're getting killed by every teams pf in the West ,Swift has got game and has had some really big games last year, He is on the way up and with Phil's coaching could become an allstar, Walker gave us next to nothing last year I was hoping he'd opt out and we could dump him, KRush is really a luxury for us he won't play all that much and he can only play the sg spot so he's really not that versatile, Devan George gives us that versatility making Rush expendable,I like Rush and think he'll help but not all that much next year while Swift's athleticism,shot blocking and rebounding could help Shaq down low, he could fill in and we could have Horry in his best role off the bench we really struggled starting Horry thinning out the bench, Swift would allow Horry to sit longer than Walker did and we could save Horry for the big 4th quarter minutes.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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