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Here is a good column from Bernie Lincicome of the RMN with his opinion of the Karl and Melo situation.

As long as the Nuggets are winning, Karl is a wizard, a sage to be obeyed. Should they start losing again and Anthony is not getting his minutes, especially prime-time minutes, the future is fraught with troubles.

Anthony should be most grateful for Karl, not because of what he may learn, or because Karl's will and vision may drag Anthony and the Nuggets further than they should go, but because Karl has become the focus of the Nuggets, clearly the voice and nearly the face.

Before Karl, everything, the good, the bad, the middling of the Nuggets, swirled around Anthony. It was Anthony's fault if the Nuggets won and his fault if the Nuggets did not, and they were not. It was Anthony who had to answer the question, why not?

Now it is Karl who shoulders all of that. It is Karl who has staked his standing and offered his vision as to what the Nuggets are and what they can be. If they fail, it will be Karl who fails. It will not be Anthony.

That alone is worth keeping a tight lip and an alert ear.
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