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From an opinion piece by Thomas George in the Post

"With Marcus, Nene and Kenyon, I've never had three guys that talented together," Nuggets coach George Karl said. "Add our other two guys, and we have five we can play down there. That is a luxury and a blessing. Without Nene we're big. With Nene we're super big.

"In the next couple of games I will try and get his minutes up to 20 and make sure his leg is strong and solid. Then we'll go from there." Karl knows the NBA is drifting to a perimeter-oriented game. With his current crew, with Nene back, he said, he can re-establish the power of the post.

Karl winced when I asked if Nene would eventually be traded because of Denver's depth on the front court and interest in him. "You are talking about a young player with good defensive feet, good hands and genetic power," Karl said. "Who wouldn't want him? My job is to put the punctuation on this team this year and let all decisions for the summer be made in the summer. All I know is he gives us a different dimension, a different face, and we work better with more than one face."
I hope that Kiki and Nene's agent are able to work out an extension this summer. A big key will be how much money Curry, Chandler, Swift and Kwame get. I know playing time is a concern for Nene, but I hope that he can be happy being well paid as a Nugget and being part of giving the Nuggets the best 3 man 4/5 rotation in the NBA. As great as Camby has played this year, having him play less minutes in future seasons would be great. Stan can afford it, so come on Kiki, pay for Nene and keep the power trio together.

The power trio: :cbanana: :dpepper: :banana:
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