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Nice column from Thomas George in the Post

"I listened to a coach in practice once, and it was so much information and so boring that I felt flooded and drowning, so I can imagine how the players felt," Karl said. "That's the thing about the Internet I don't like - it exchanges so much information, but it does not exchange wisdom. Good coaches are wise. They are clear and with common sense, street sense, and competitiveness can bring a good team a long way."

Karl is beginning to say that now that the Nuggets are a good team. Actually, he is beginning to challenge the Nuggets in new ways, telling them the regular season is exhibition but Broadway is in April, in the playoffs. He is telling them they can handle San Antonio and combat Phoenix. He is creating a culture of excellence.

"Maybe we are into a year where we are a big surprise," Karl said. "I love the challenge. I don't think offense or defense, I think how. Bear Bryant said that he hated to hear a team talk about how well they played instead of how they play. It's not so much about shooting or behind-the-back passes or shot blocks; it's how you play the game that makes your character show. It's pace and aggressiveness."

It is making the opponent feel the pressure of that ordered chaos.

"Pressure and pace create an atmosphere," he said, "where the other team just doesn't want to put up with that."

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A very deep and good read on Coach Karls intellectual workings.

This article confirms a lot of good things for the Nuggets camp.

1.) A new Sheriff is in town. Which we all have noticed and applauded since his arrival as he is the key to turning around this season for our beloved Nuggets.

2.)The Denver Nuggets believe in Coach Karl and he fully believes in them. I love the fact they are talking about how competitive they can be when it comes playoff time. Even facing the daunting teams such as the Spurs and Suns.

3.) The over all theme of the article Clarity maybe this is what was lacking in Coach Karls life in Milwaukee. But it's apparent he has it now in his life. This obviously helps any human being in any career they are in. I love the fact he is so down to earth with the players. He is not grinding them to tears over little mistakes. He seems to be instead placing a smooth easy to understand game plan! Minutes shared, Player Rotation, and great tempo. keeping things simple and yet helping this Denver Nuggets team play the best basketball they have this entire year.

Very good read! Thx for the post cpawfan.
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