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From the RMN

"We (sometimes) miss shots and we don't run back," Karl said. "Carmelo (Anthony) and Marcus (Camby) and Kenyon (Martin) all have this tendency of chirping at a referee as the team is running by us. So we're addressing that.

"My belief is chirping at referees, there's no reason to do it because in the playoffs they don't listen to you. Playoff refereeing is a very serious crew. All the little tricks that you get away with or the edges you may get in the regular season you don't get in the playoffs. You got veteran crews."
Glad to see that Karl is continuing to work on breaking all of the Nuggets of their bad habits. I'm expecting to see a technical a game now from Karl for working the refs. As long as the players know that their coach will be their advocate, then they should shut up more often and not bark at the refs.
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