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"Those guys are playing in their third and [fourth] years, so it's not like they're getting thrown in the fire for the first time," Marshall said. "The team has been turned over to those guys, so you have to meet expectations. They want to name themselves the franchise. That's what they came in the league for."

Rose theorized that his being traded has hurt Curry. "I still think he has game and is real talented," Rose said. "But it helps when you have somebody you can rely on every game. I think I was able to help him with that." …

Rose admitted to being "a little bitter" about the trade, but understood the reasons for it.

"When you get the job as general manager, you want your own coach and own people in place," Rose said. "That's what [GM John Paxson] did. He's afforded that right."

"Since the Jordan era, it's been a revolving door," Rose said. "A lot of players have come and gone and still been productive in other places. I guess the Bulls are trying to find an identity at this point." …
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