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Kentucky's roster next season

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So, Rondo's gone, Sims is probably gone. And I've heard that Bradley and Crawford may leave, and possibly Shag. So here's what we are left with. A lot of holes...we need Tyler Smith and at least one more big and one more SG.

PG: Jasper/Porter/Boswell
SG: Meeks/Watson
SF: Perry/
PF: Stevenson/Thomas
C: Morris/Carter/Orb

If Bradley and Crawford stayed and we got Smith..

PG: Bradley/Jasper/Porter/Boswell
SG: Crawford/Meeks/Watson
SF: Perry/Smith
PF: Stevenson/Thomas
C: Morris/Orb/Carter
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If that second lineup works out for Kentucky, then the Wildcats will be dangerous next season.
Perry Stevenson is going to take some time to come around. I think he will be a good defensive presence but I wouldnt expect much offense from him.
I think that Bradley and Crawford will be back. There is a lot of potential in that possible line up.. if it can only be tapped!!
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