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Hey people,
So I was curious if anyone had ideas on Kevin Granett trades to get him away from the T'Wolfs where he and that team are going no where. I personally want to see him playing for a winner or a team that has a chance of winning which the T'Wolfs dont anymore. Wally will be gone here soon as wll to either the Knicks or Bulls most like the Knicks and KG could be left all alone with no one other than people like Joe Smith...actually take that away and say be left by himself because they are in a bad situation with no other people. I have heard a couple possibilities but they seem unlikely, here they are.....

T'Wolfs get: Brian Grant, Eddie Jones, Malik Allen
Heat get: Kevin Garnett, Anonthy Peeler, Felipe Lopez
- Kinda makes since but unlikey to say the least..would be good for the Heat to unload Jones and his stuggles and finally trading Grant after so many speculations while getting KG to play the 4 with Zo at 5 and Butler at the 3...then Wolfs get all-star type players in return.

T'Wolfs get: Kenny Thomas, Kelvin Cato, Maurice Taylor, Glen Rice
Rockets get: Kevin Garnett, Anthony Peeler, Felipe Lozez
....Whatever! although very nice for Rockets

T'Wolfs get: Arron McKie, Derrick Coleman, Alvin Jones, Mark Bryant, Damone Brown
76ers get: Kevin Garnett, Anthong Peeler, Terrell Brandon
-Kinda makes since but doesnt seem like enough impact in return, with Van Horn at 3 and Todd Mac at the 5 KG could play 4

T'Wolfs get: Mike Miller, Pat Garrity, Horace Grant, Darrell Armstrong
Magic get: Kevin Garnett, Anthong Peeler, Terrell Brandon, Felipe Lopez
- Magic always want to upgrade at need a 4 badly, might even consider trading G.Hill..but are givin up 2 good young guys

T'Wolfs get: James Posey, Juwon Howard, Kenny Satterfield, Vincent Yarbourgh, Donnell Harvey
Nuggets get: Kevin Garnett, Terrell Brandon, Felipe Lopez
- Seems unfair but you know about rumors...Nuggets have been very active..who knows?

Also being shopped are...
Latrell Sprewell
Wally Sczcerbiak
Damon Stoudamire
Stromile Swift
Rashard Lewis
Gary Payton
Bonzi Wells
Penny Hardaway
Marcus Fizer
Jamal Crawford
Doug Christie
Eric Snow
Lamar Odom

Thanx and Peace!

I want Waffles.
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another KG trade idea:

Bulls get:

Min get:
Future 1st

not a very even trade but just a idea...i would love to see KG in a Bulls uni even thou he probly will never be in one..

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I can't see Minnesota doing any of those trades. The only way they would do that trade is for another superstar or for three good players like the old New Jersey offer (Keyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, and Kerry Kittles).

I believe KG will stay in Minnesota.

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This is my recurring favorite:

Garnett (maybe plus draft pick) to Portland for Rasheed Wallace, Ruben Patterson, and Bonzi Wells.

Portland needs to convert some of their young stars into a superstar who can help lead them to the next level. They'd subtract three decent to great players, but end up with a better team overall.

Minnesota goes the other way, turning a superstar into three athletic, talented players who keep them competitive and give the team a fresh look. Most importantly, they end up with more financial flexibility.

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As a Kidd fan, I would like to see Nets offer Mutombo plus KMart for KG. Although this trade will weaken their center position, KG is just too good of a player to not take the risk. However, I know I am just dreaming and this will never happened, at least not in a year! :cry:
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