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KH one of four Finalists for Naismith Award

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Though there was a lot of debate on here if Coach Hobbs deserved the A10 coach of the year award and a lot of people thought others in the league deserved the award - it seems he is now one of 4 finalists for the National Coach of the Year. Though he is clearly #4 on this list I think it is a great honor for him to be one of four finalists.

Also - Hatchet reports that KH in an interview says that he is not shopping around for jobs and is VERY happy at GWU. If that really means anything, who knows - but it is def nice to read.
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Congrats to Hobbs on the nomination. Every coach is happy at their current job until they get a better one. Hobbs never turned down the Cincy job or said he wasn't interested, so while he might not be job shopping, he is listening to offers.

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