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There's an good article by Paul Ladewski in the Daily Southtown today (link).

Some interesting quotes from the players:
"I wouldn't put anything past our team," prized first-round draft pick Jay Williams said flatly.

"We'll be heads and shoulders above what we were last season," Eddy Curry predicted.
And check out Tyson Chandler:
"We got a lot more talent this year," said Tyson Chandler, a fistful of game tickets in his hand. "We'll definitely make the playoffs."
Compare that to the (wiser) perspective of Jay Williams:
"Everyone has a prediction, but it's not time for us to talk anymore," the former Duke star said. "It's time to let our actions speak louder than our words."
Man, it's nice to finally read articles with actual information and statements by players & management -- instead of just reading worthless speculation by the columnists.

And a final note... the specifics of Lonny Baxter's new deal:
Earlier in the day, second-round draft pick Lonny Baxter signed a two-year, $1.4-million contract. The surprise was that both years of the deal were guaranteed, which marked a distinct break from team policy.

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Originally posted by <b>Nater</b>!
the specifics of Lonny Baxter's new deal:
Boy, I'd be surprised if we didn't have an option for the third year like we did with Hassel and Mason. If this is the case, this may have been reason for the long delay in signing.
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