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Morris is making a strong impression

September 20,2007

During a break in the Rookie Transition Program yesterday, I noticed Randolph Morris reaching for a snack. It sure looks as though he spent a portion of the summer consuming the right kind of calories. He showed up with trophy arms last season, but is clearly more defined in all of the right places.

The baby fat is gone. The extra bulk will help.

“I hope so, I hope so,” Morris said, while “I’ve been working out and taking care of my body.”

He’s going to need the muscle to lean on Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry in practice.

Wilson Chandler has been training and playing in Atlanta most of the summer, but will soon be settling into a temporary apartment in Westchester until a new condo is built. He’s been stopping in at the MSG Training Center every once in a while, too. Getting some court time with veteran teammates is always helpful.

“They’ve been easing me into things,” Chandler said. “They’ve been telling me kind of what I can expect from Zeke. They’ve been telling me, no matter what, keep playing hard and stay positive because he likes that.”

Chandler only needs to ask Renaldo Balkman for confirmation there.

Demetris Nichols remains in a holding pattern.

While he confirmed there have not been any contract negotiations, it appears the second-rounder with long-distance range will be in training camp with the Knicks.

“I’m definitely going to Charleston,” Nichols said.

And playing a year in Europe is no longer an option?

“Right,” Nichols said. “I’m not even talking about that.”

I’m not sure if the declining production is a result of a bad attitude or a bad knee, and the cost involved seems a bit ridiculous, but Andrei Kirilenko is asking the Utah Jazz for a trade. He did the deed via blog, citing a frayed relationship with coach Jerry Sloan. This guy fills a few of the most glaring needs on the Knicks’ roster. Any takers? Utah will undoubtedly start the discussion by asking for David Lee or Renaldo Balkman.

As for the open practice, the Knicks will be on the court at Hofstra for all to see, but I’m told a date is still being finalized. They appear to be looking at the last two weeks in October.

He’s not late by any means, but Zach Randolph still has not been seen working out with new teammates at the MSG Training Facility.
This is what I mean by players that Isiah Thomas trade for who comes to New York with that "Layed back Attitude" with an essential expectation of they need me more than I need them. I Fire workers like that!
I could never make Players that got traded in June and never showed interest in being apart of 9 Knick scrimmage games in the offseason a "STARTER".
Incomming traded players like that have to earn their playingtime comming off the bench with hard athletic desire to WIN.
And over 85% of the Players Isiah traded for has come to the Knicks with that type of attitude, forgetting they will be entertaining in the "MECCA" (MSG) as a HOME Team Player where oponents come and play their best hard B-Ball (from H.S., College, and NBA).

The only way I would put Zach Randolph in the starting lineup is if he showed he was the best Team-Player in Training-Camp, Preseason Games, and in the Lockerroom. If he does this than I will Start "Promoting" Zach Randolph as a Knick Star Player Publically with Posters.

Other than that Zach Randolph is just another Star Player the Knicks picked up that put up exciting numbers on his previous teams like Mcdyess, Baker, Marbury, Tim Thomas, Taylor, James, Davis, Q.Rich, Curry, Jalen Rose, and Francis.
They all did a very poor-poor job as a Starter their first season with the Knicks (we learn from our mistakes).

Another reason why I would not put Zach Randolph in the Starting Lineup anytime soon is the steady improvement of PF-David Lee alongside Eddy Curry.
There is no way on this earth that Zach Randolph (first season) will play as good or as well with his new Knick Teammates as David Lee will this season (No matter how much Zach scores or rebound this season).
David Lee outstanding Complimentary Performance, co-existing with all his Knick Teammates on both sides of the court will "Out-Shine" all of this Knicks Roster this season...
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